Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Lion King Storybook

 This was originally going to be a rewrite of the number 7 spot on my top 10 Disney Interactive games. But I instead decided to make the following it's own thing and delete the former post all-together:

This is one of the Disney mini-game collections which came out a lot in this era for the PC. Most people have probably played the other Lion King themed mini-game collection (Timon & Pumba's Jungle games) but this holds a special place to me. It's not really that special, it's an interactive storybook telling the story of The Lion King with some mini-games thrown in to keep the kids interested, like connect the dots and stuff like that. The circumstances which brought me this game is much more special to me than the actual game. The after-school centre that I attended as a kid had an annual fair where you could play games to win prizes. At a pop-the-balloon game I spent most of the evening playing for the Lion King game sitting on the top shelf, believing it was the platformer, begging other people not to take it if they had the chance. After playing the game for 3 hours and finally told by the adult who held the stand to kindly fuck off I was in a very bad mood. I was like 7. Anyhow, some kids dad had seen me stand there all night and when he finally won the game, he gave it to me. I never found out who's dad it was, but I think that was one of the first time I knowingly experienced kindness, and that's why this game is special to me. Unfortunately I no longer actually have my copy of this game, because as a kid I wasn't good at keeping stuff like discs and tapes without breaking them. But it's still be special to me, it always will be.

If you're curious, here's Uru1986's playthrough on Youtube:

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