Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ever felt like kicking someone in the face?

No really. I mean have you ever seriously considered kicking someone in the face? Not just when you loose a game or someone just frankly pisses you off.

Face. Kicking. Impact.

I've had that feeling all day, I've REALLY seriously considered kicking someone in the face.

Hard part is getting to them first.


Those that run in the Shadows

I've finished my first Shadowrun game yesterday. Also marks my very first Pen And Paper game. Well, It's not like I'm entirely unfamilliar with roleplaying I'm just used to Forum based Roleplay. And frankly, to actually be posed against challenges and stats and dice rolls is really refreshing as a difference to my Proboards where I would always end up being the most powerful character in the story, always stealing the focus to kick some demon ass.

That being said, I would be cool to play around with this system and apply it to Geminiterra. Something to think about, at least.


In case you're not Aware, my side-webcomic All Sorts of Happenings has taken on a life of it's own and has recently updated. Check it out for some Spawn of Mind brand comedy if you wish. If you want, you can always throw a comment or something my way. Always nice to know if somebody enjoys my work :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paul Nicklen: Tales of ice-bound wonderlands | Video on

Paul Nicklen: Tales of ice-bound wonderlands | Video on

Once again I'm Sharing a TED video on here but this story he tells is really funny and cool. So yeah! Give it a look! =D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update of Update Of Update Of Update Of..

Doo-dee-doo sitting down writing a blog.. dum-dee-dee... Oh, what's this? Osama Bin Laden is dead? Well surely I must now devote all of my attention to this single occurence and forget all about that other wars that's totally unimportant right now.

Okay, so let me flaunt my European-ness for a few seconds.

I. Couldn't. Care. Less.

Surely everybody has gotten over that 'little mistake' by now. Well okay, I'll give you that Americans. You deserved to hang this bastard. Good for you. 3000 People ain't just coming back tomorrow and I guess "Just Revenge" is a pretty good thing to have crossed off the list.

That put outta the way, let's talk stuff I care about.


I had a party once, they tasted like Souls. But yeah, I held a little youth get-together to celebrate me turning 21. First succesfull Youth-party in my life-time! Go me! Woo!

Thanks for the folks that attended, That was awesome, you're awesome. And if you didn't live so damn far away I would totally have more parties like this. Only thing I regret about this party is that I didn't pop-out the camera so I could embarrass all of you by tagging you on Facebook the following Monday. Put that on my To-do list right under all the chicks I'm totally *cough*never*cough* gonna score :D

In other news, some douchebag has stolen Samuel L. Jackson's copy of the script to Joss Whedon's Avengers movie.

Thanks, asshole. Joel Schumacher is no longer the biggest douche in Superhero movie history. And can someone please explain to me why Edward Norton isn't cast as the Hulk?? He was an awesome Hulk! What the hell! Gief Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr. in same movie! Nao!