Monday, July 15, 2013

Current situation

Life has it's way of making twists and turns and as such I am now currently sitting in a center for competence and occupation. I had the misfortune of failing to finish my last class - resulting in my education not being valid. Because of that I couldn't go on to university and now I'm on government wellfare. Yeah.. it's bad. The center I'm at is meant for people in my situation. Or a similar one. It's meant to provide courses so that people can go on to their next attempt at an education or till they get get a job so they can provide for themselves - whichever comes first. I've been here before, in 2010. I'd been drafted for the military and was waiting for my 4 months to come up. I consider it a dark chapter in my life, but it was still a milder experience than what I suspect others have had to deal with. Back then, CKB (as it's called) was for all age groups. I've come to understand that, that is no longer the case. It's now only meant for people under the age of 25 without a education that qualifies for something on the level of university. As such I still consider myself luckier than most others, since I know what to do next.

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