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Hello there, my name is Hans Henrik Kjølsen. I am born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark where I currently live. To make it simple you you readers I've listed my stands on certain issues which follow:

I stand firmly on the side of pro-choice, with two addendums: 1. If possible, I feel the male part should have a chance to speak against either choice 2. I feel that women with serious mental or social issues should be recommended an abortion -  any parent should understand that you have to be able to take care of yourself before you take on the responsibility of others.

Human rights:
A socialist, I feel that the means to live a basic existence in preparation for taking care of yourself should be considered a human right. I'm not talking about luxuries like game consoles or even internet but food, shelter, clothes and the offer to educate yourself in order to get a job. All this is of course no matter your sex, your skin color or your sexual orientation.

I've been raised in a moderate lutheran-protestant household, which is the national church of my country. In the case of the separation of church and state, while I see the appeal I think people have very different ways of understanding the concept. The way our national church works in my country, they are obliged to follow the rules set by our church ministry - a ministry by the way, that's almost never held by a christian minister. Recently, the church had to accept homosexual marriages because the government is in control. Let me stress though, that the government should always be the ones in control.

On the note of my personal beliefs however, because my family have never been particularly devout, religion has never been a part of my life as such. Which is why I've never had any reason to believe in the existence of a god beside a gentle nudge every now and then. I am therefore a firm Atheist and the concept of actually believing seems foreign to me.

While against what most would consider "hard drugs" (ex. speed, cocaine, methamphetamine) I believe that Marijuana could be implemented just fine in our society without too much trouble, hire the secret growth places to do it officially for clean cash so that thousands of people doesn't lose their income though. When I say implemented I of course mean in the same type of moderation we give tobacco and drinking - No, you shouldn't drive a car when high and no you shouldn't smoke marijuana on the workplace. Give hash the same culture that we've given alcohol - a pleasurable thing for parties and escapism only.

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