Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ever had the feeling that you have a Tyler Durden inside? That you live your life like Jack from the movie Fightclub with another person controlling your life even though this person is actually yourself? Yeah I know it sounds like New Age Hippie Bullcrap or whatchamacallit but god dammit it's MY New Age Hippie Bullcrap and you can't take it from me!

I've started to do strange things, like giving heart surgery to an already dead blog but whatever. I'll just sow whatever comes to my mind while I'm writing this and YOU lucky bastards get to reap the hilarious conseqenses. If there is any consequenses anyway they better be god damn hilarious.

My cat died, or rather is dying. Or at least I think so. You can never tell with her it's kinda strange. One day she looks like she gonna start on the big ol' sleep the other she's merely limbing. I gotta go to a vet with her but she's 15 yeas old and I fear veterinarians and their guilty looks at me. I wanted to go sooner sure, but it costs cash.

You know the world would probably be a much better place if everyone just decided that tomorrow all bank accounts would have the exact same number with 12 zero's behind them and then we could all do whatever we wanted, Get fucked, Get Fucked, and Get Fucked. There's three different ways to get fucked. You can get fucked up from beatings, which is the more common type of getting fucked, then there's drugs which is for the brave few who actually dares venture into that territory of assholes and then there's getting fucked, which is what most men and women are after. Get fucked, Get Fucked, Get Fucked, Reproduce, Rinse and repeat.

I should start doing some travelling, my best friend is right when he tells me that I should cut the crap and go with him to Japanica or whatever; You know I probably should. I might be slowly losing my mind though, It happens every time a movie hits me. Fight Club hit me hard, BAM, right in the face like a mallet wielded by a cartoon cat. I wonder if I ever get that damn comic written.. You know that feeling when you're just looking at a computer screen and then just emptying yourself all over the keyboard through your fingertips? That beautiful Nirvana where you're truly in contact with your own prejudices and hatreds and yet also in contact with your love and affection for your fellow man-animal? It's like a balance of perfection when you finally let your balls drop and write whatever the fuck pops up in your head and for a while you're truly there, There in perfect contact with your true emotions. Until you realise what the hell you've written and dare not press the post button. Dare not press it, dare not press it, dare not press it, dare not press it.........

I should post this on Facebook. See what people think, let them be reassured that I'm still a little beside myself with insanity.

And I should watch Citizen Kane... And Zeitgest Moving forward... Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Citizen Kane? Or Fucking Tron? or what about just listing all the movies I haven't seen even though I parade myself around like the fucking Wikipedia of movies. I should watch Star Trek. I feel like my Geek Cred is in jeopardy having only seen two Star Trek movies. And I should watch Gladiator and Titanic, just to prove to myself that they're actually as bad as I've told myself since they came out even though my hate for them was because people I didn't like went to see them and I felt like I'd be doing them a favor proving them right that it was movies for me.

I should Stop.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That Does it!

I'm NOT going to watch Inception now, You wanna know why? Because of Chris Nolan! Fuck that guy!

According to Moviebob's newest article over at Christopher Nolan who has been put in charge of Warner Bros. DC movie licenses has VETO'ed the idea of the Batman movies and Zack Snyders upcoming Superman piece taking place in the same universe.

You wanna know why? I'll tell you why. Because that guy is a HACK. There, I said it, I called one of the best directors of modern movie making a hack. Why did I call him a hack? Because he's got it into his little head that Batman needs to be "realistic". An Idea I've HATED since The Dark Knight (and still do, thank you). Thanks to this guy, We can kiss the dream of a Justice League movie goodbye. But don't forget, Chris Nolan already killed the Justice League ONCE. When the pitch for a Justice League TV-series was killed off because it had Ras-al-ghul's daughter as the main villain, hinting a link to his precious movies.

So this whining little prick can go to hell! Stay the fuck away from my superheroes!