Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A School Project, the assignment was to make a video that fit the word "Fake". The result is this comment on Net Dating.

No knowledge of Danish is needed.

Inspector Meus Episode 4 (Final)

The madness ends.

Inspector Meus Episode 3

Inspector Meus Episode 2

Inspector Meus Episode 1

An old project i did while i went to Medieskolen Lyngby. This was before i really planned out what i was filming. This is episode 1 of 4. Back then we were called Burning Monkey Productions.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas card extravaganza!

To-From Cards by ~gizmo2300 on deviantART

This is some gift To/from cards i thought you might enjoy. You are welcome to download them and print em out. Just click the thumbnail and find the download button. ^_^ And don't forget to leave a comment if you have the time, I love those.

-Later Days

Thursday, December 3, 2009

On hold for a couple of days


I've decided to put BMD (The Adventures of Bobby Macdog) on hold for a couple of days to catch up on some writing on a professional project I'm working on along with Mike Youngster Who some of you may remember as the artist of the Front page of BMD Issue 4.

If you follow my Deviantart however, I might throw up some drawings and such.

Well, That's It.

- Later Days.

*PS: There MIGHT be some kind of Christmas and New Years thing uploaded on BMD.*

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comic spotlight - Universe F

This is where i promote some awesome up and coming Webcomics to help out my fellow authors =)

Title: Dragonball Z Doujin - Universe F (By deadlychestnut)
EDIT: To those that don't know, Doujin is japaneese for Fanfiction

It's a fanfiction of the DBZ series by Akira Toriyama, it takes place in an alternate universe where Planet Vegeta never was destroyed by Freeza, and the saiyans actually joined the empire of the Cold family. (i think) Right now there's only 15-16 pages so if you don't want to read a massive archive before getting up to speed nows a good time to begin reading.

The art in this one is excellent, She's been able to more or less acurately portray the artstyle of the original series, and theres one of the characters that's a fun little nod to one of Akira Toryama's other series: Neko Majin Z

Bottom Line, Go check it out. You can get there by clicking the title of this post. =)

- Later Days.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Panic Hans is introduced to the public!

Back in the day, i used to have multiple personas.

Like the smurf, there would be different types of me doing silly things.

Panic Hans was always getting into trouble and getting beaten up by mother nature. Nobody seems to like the poor guy.

There was Panic Hans, then there was Anti-H, Emo-Hans, Sad-Hans Creepy-Hans and Anger-Hans.

Anti was my favorite.

Anyway, here's a pic of poor Panic Hans.

By the way, i thought you might find this funny

I did, Laughed my ass of XD

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This blog will from now on be used as the news log for The Adventures of Bobby Macdog.
Since for the two weeks or so it's just been... well.. Sitting there.

But not anymore! Also now i can embed videos in my news posts, awesome. No? There will still be a link to check out the old News archive though. And you can find that in the menu.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's funny how often i randomly i forget about things i have done. This GIF forexample is NOT made by me, however i've used it on an old no longer active Dragonball Z fan site called "Son Gohan's Corner".

Anyway, that was actually not what i wanted to talk about, Today i'm going to Cinemateket in the center of Copenhagen to hear about 100 years of Danish cartoon history. And That's just awesome. What's more awesome is that alot of the good old Fleischer bros. Cartoons is now Public Domain and that means it can be used by anyone as long as it's being credited to the right source.

So here's a Betty Boop Cartoon, the only color cartoon she was ever in. Who would've have guessed that she's a redhead?

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Do you know that feeling when you think you've done something but actually haven't? I had that feeling this morning. For the past 2 years i've been walking around thinking i have uploaded this picture to the internet. But in reality i haven't. This is done way back in 2006 and today i both scanned and colored it.

Bobby's fastfood period COLOR by ~gizmo2300 on deviantART

Also, there's this video i would like you all to see which really made me think about my own creativity:

Friday, October 2, 2009

o.o Still alive

I'm still alive folks. There just haven't been anything interesting to write about here. If i don't write here enough for you, you can find blog-like news on The Bobby Macdog Homepage..


I just wanted to stick my head out a little and say that i'll be at J-Popcon 2009 in Valby, Copenhagen. And you're welcome to say hi. You can find J-popcon's hompage by clicking the title of this post.

Before i crawl back into my hole i also want to say congratulations to Rio Di Janeiro for being chosen to host The Olympics of 2016.


- Later Days.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting known

getting known is hard.. <.< MUGEN (That's a free legal download link BTW). if anyone could explain to me HOW to create my own characters i would love to do so! ^^ Characters like Greg and Bobby would be nice to see in MUGEN format.

also if you haven't find out yet i've started a "filler" period over at The Adventures of Bobby Macdog where i will put gag strips up while waiting for the writing for issue 2 to be finished. i've already uploaded a couple once so get going!

today's pic is a guy i just came up with for fun, i've been told he looks like a One Piece character by Anne over at Godsk-n-art
(it's in danish) which you should totally visit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My anime collection

I thought that i would for the sake of shits and giggles make a list of my anime collection so you can check out what a total nerd i am:


Complete series 1 (Region 4)
Complete series 2 (Region 2)

Series complete?: No.

Love Hina:

Full series, individual DVD’s, Danish release (region 2)

Love Hina specials box (Region 4):
Spring Special
Christmas Special
Love Hina Again OVA

Series complete?: Yes.

Full Metal Alchemist (2004):

Collection 1 (region 4)
Collection 2 (region 4)

Series complete?: Yes.

Astroboy (1982):

Complete Series collection (Region 4)

Series complete?: Yes.

Hellsing (2001):

Complete Series Collection (Region 4)
Hellsing Act 1 DVD (Region 2)

Series complete?: Yes.

Cowboy Bebop:

Complete Series Collection (Region 4)

Series complete?: Yes.


Complete Series Collection (Region 4)

Series complete?: Yes.


Pokémon season 1 tape volume 3 (Region 2)

Pokémon MasterQuest Volume 2 (Region 2)


Volume 1 (Region 2)
Volume 2 (Region 2)

Series complete?: No.


Beyblade Volume 1 (Region 2)
Beyblade Volume 2 (Region 2)

Series complete?: No.


Original Uncut Boxset 1 (Region 2)
Original Uncut Boxset 2 (Region 2)
Original Uncut Boxset 3 (Region 2)

Series Complete?: No.

D.N. Angel:

Volume 1 (Region 2)
Volume 2 (Region 2)

Series complete?: No.

.Hack//Legend of Twilight:

Complete Series Boxset (Region 4)

Series complete?: Yes.

Silver Fang (Ginga Nageroboshi Gin):

Full Series Uncut Boxset (Region 2)

Series complete?: Yes.

Weed, the son of Silver! (Ginga Densetsu Weed):

Full Series, Individual DVD’s (Region 2)

Series Complete?: Yes.

Sonic x:

Individual DVD’s Volume 1-9 (Region 2)

Series Complete?: No.

Japaneese Movies:

Spirited Away (Region 2)
Howl’s Moving Castle (Region 2)
Tales from Earthsea (Region 2)
Kiki’s Delivery service (Region 2)
My Neighbour Totoro (Region 2)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Region 2)
Full Metal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala (Region 4)
Cowboy Bebop The Movie (Region 2)
Dragonball Z: The strongest one on Earth! (Region 2)

Death Note 1 (Region 1)
Death Note 2 (Region 1)
Godzilla boxset (Region 2)
The Ring (Region 2)

Long list huh? Though it scares me that theres actually people out there to consider this very small

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bobby and Possible failuire is down, bad news about Silver Fang Ruined, and more!

Well, for those that doesnt follow my twitter it might be nice to know that my two webcomic pages are currently down due to powers out of my control, here's the message you get when you try to visit the sites:

We're Moving!

Smack Jeeves is currently in the process of upgrading to a new server (it's really fast!). This should not take more than a few hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for being patient!

Update: The server move is complete. Just waiting for the new DNS to fully propogate.
i hope the sites will be back up later this evening or early tomorrow morning. Until then you can visit My Deviant Art Account


Bad news about Silver fang ruined, the first episode will not be done by the deadline as i have yet to obtain the rest of the lines. I'm very sorry for whoevers been anticipating this (if any).

okay, final update.

I've yet to obtain a job, which means my plans for starting up a personal website with all of my projects is still yet to come true. I REALLY hope that i can make my own homepage with all of my projects and my own domain cause it's a dream to one day live off of them.

okay, that's it, catch you later!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bobby and Greg goes listing!


if you like Possible Failure and The Adventures of Bobby Macdog be sure to go to their homepages and click the VOTE button daily so you can give a hand in getting it out there. ^^

That is all, The deadline for Silver Fang Ruined is set for the 15th of August.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some news

yeah, just writing to let you know that Silver fang Ruined episode 1 is like.. 75% done.

the script is more or less finished and we only need to record the last couple of lines, and then commence the final editing. I have been editing along the way and not finishing the script as the first thing which i am not going to do again cause that was utterly retarded. I'm going to do the script first, then the lines and the editing from now on, consideringt people actually watch episode 1.

While we wait, heres a drawing of Morroco Mole.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Possible Failure get's it's own site!

No Silver Fang ruined news this time around i'm afraid, The voice actor who does Grandpa Gohei is at Wacken, The worlds biggest Metal festival.

But there IS news, otherwise i wouldnt have posted. Possible Failure, my first Graphic Novel ever is going to start updating again. For the occasion i made This Smackjeeves site for it.

Once the old pages drawn back in 2008 runs out, there will start coming new pages. And don't worry i've already set the timer for it to update on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule all the way into October.

Possible Failure is the story of the odd team-up of a confessed christian and a convicted mass-murderer. when the massmurderer Greg Papowski is about to get sentenced to death, Joe Donstein breaks into the trial and offers something weird.

Be sure to follow when the hilarity hopefully ensues ^^

That's all for now, be seeing ya.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Restarting The Blog

Okay, so i'm restarting the blog for the purpose of start using this for updates about my projects.

Mostly about Silver Fang Ruined, which you can see a preview of here:

(Has since been removed)

Yeah that probably means that there isn't going to be that Young Indiana Jones Review i promised, but at least you got this, right?

In another News, i'm starting to once again update my webcomic The Adventures of Bobby Macdog With new and better looking pages.. that means i've decided to go back and color the old once while LaL, the writer on the current arc is finishing the story.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Star Wars, The New Trilogy

Star Wars, one of the greatest titles to hit the silver screen and one of the most parodied series ever. When i grew up, i wasnt as much into movies (and in particular Star Wars) as i am now. i think i saw the Star Wars movies whenever they were on TV and I didnt really care too much for the plot (because i didnt read subtitles all that well yet) i just remember liking the action sequences and the two robots.

Then, when i was about 9 years old Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace hit the theatres and I watched it along with my brother, what i saw was literally.. confusing. who were all these characters? I remember asking my brother if the kid was Luke and he just sighed at me and shaked his head in despair.

Before Episode 2 got out, i had a chance to watch the original three.. now in a state where i understood what in the world was going on in this universe.. rewatching the episode 1 after that just made me mad at George Lucas. Why did we need episode 1, 2 and 3? it didnt make sense to me.

i then watched episode 2, i thought it was even worse than episode one.. it felt like "HEY! isnt it called Star WARS?! Where the hell is the WAR at?!" of course there were battles but it just didnt cut it for me, i wanted a war like in the originals, not a love movie.

Episode 3 had redeeming features, more action, better story (still bad dialogue though) but the movie still felt unnessescary to me, why did we need to know how Anarkin became Darh? it was all explained in the original 3!

Suddenly, Darth Vader wasnt a bad ass.. he was an EMO..

it makes me wonder.. what will feauture generations think of Star Wars? Will it still be great to them? PLEASE.. if you readers have the power to do it, make your kids watch the original 3 first.. or else i think it will be runied to them..

Monday, February 23, 2009


in the 50's and 60's the world was going nuts over the giant monster movies, monsters like Godzilla and King Kong had gained a cult following and it is therefore no surprise that the danish company Saga Studios attempted to jump on the bandwagon, the result is one of the most underrated movies in Danish film history.

The movie starts out in Lapland where a couple of miners led by a guy named Svend is drilling, suddenly they get blood and flesh on the drill and decides to send a sample to the Aquarium of Denmark.

The Professors there, concludes that it is the remains of a unknown species of Dinosaur, and after an error with keeping the specimen (being a tail) cold, it start to regenerate, turning out to become a fullfledged undestroyable dinosaur with wings!

Reptillicus (as it is named) starts flying around, first destroying Hamburg and Stockholm before attacking Copenhagen where it is defeated with a poisonus supergrenade shot into it's mouth.

The movie ends with a blown-off foot lying on the bottom of Øresund, which could regenerate to a new monster..

unfortunately, Danes are weird creatures who cant love something for the sake of the camp value, and Reptilicus remains the only one of it's genre to ever be made in Denmark.

I really like this movie, even though the effects are bad it could be made great, when my company gets bigger, i'm definately going to do a remake.

ONE MORE THING: This Blog has somehow turned into a place where i talk about lesser known popculture phenonemons and such. I think i'll just keep it that way.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I love anime.

I'm currently watching The Cowboy Bebop and Astro Boy cartoons.. and i gotta say.. it's funny how sci-fi anime is amongst the most classical series out there.. series like Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion and .Hack//Something or another is highly regarded as being either art or absolute classics.. it makes one wonder if the japaneese have some of their technological skill from being so interested in Sci-fi.

I've also watched Death Note 1 & 2 now.. Theese movies could teach alot of american companies just HOW to make comic books into movies.. especially considering what they're planning to do with the new Dragonball Movie. They follow the series enough to not actually just copying them and being utter redicolous because lets face it, following the source material is great, but from a financial and artistic point of view it would be just plain retarded to not try and improve without destroying the orginal stuff.

The changes between the Death Note series and movies is really not all that big and they're barely noticed (to me atleast) of course there are some characters removed, forexample the crime syndicate isnt in it at all, instead it's a journalist that gets the Death Note while Light's plan about forgetting the Note is going on.

Theres also no M or N, only L. But that actually great because M and N just felt unesscesary in the original series (in my opinion)

oh well.. that's my 2 cents..

Friday, February 6, 2009

My idea

I like to consider myself a writer, I do a lot of different stories (none of them professional yet) but I still like to see myself as one.

recently I read Frank Millers "Return of The Dark Knight" and that inspired me to a Batman story, for those of you who don't know the story is about Bruce Wayne becoming Batman again in the age of 50 after ten years.

Anyway, i like the story, and i like "Batman of the future" (the cartoon show) and then i got an idea:

Batman: True Rebirth.

an employee of Wayne Enterprises wakes up in an alley, he has been attacked by some villains.. he notices he still has his wallet.. then he turns around and finds Batman, Dead. For whatever reason he takes off his mask and get's surprised that Bruce Wayne, his employer, is The Batman.. for the sake of his heroes reputation he takes the costume with him when he leaves the scene and calls the police.. the villains is jailed for Bruce Waynes murder and the attack of him.

some time after he decides that Batman can't die, so he sews the costume to fit him and puts it on, taking on the mantle of The Dark Knight..

but after a while, he runs into a pissed off Nightwing.

what do you think of the idea? please comment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Batman and Spider-man

So, I and a friend talked about the Dark Knight and that was when I realised: The Dark Knight is pretty similar to another superhero movie, namely: Spider-man 3!

How are they similar you ask? well sure they look different but if you dig into the basics there are some similarities:

1. In both movies, the main characters thinks of stopping their heroic careers (I think)
2. in both there's three villains
3. in both movies, a main villain and fan favourite appears at the last 15 minutes of the movie but gets defeated almost at the same time
4. both are superhero movies, though they focus more on the villains
5. in both movies, the main character looses someone close to him

So there you have it, stolen or accident? you decide. Though it probably has nothing to do with each other.

Awesome Title is Awesome, Yes.

I've just reread The comic: Justice League of America meets The Avengers.

What do I have to say about it? probably nothing that hasn't already been said, it's a good story.. but not executed very well.. I mean sure, it's hard to think up a premise for clashing to separate worlds.

The book is pretty weird if you aren't a well-balanced DC and Marvel reader, you have to know what in the world is going on in both universes to understand what the hell is going on, and though I did my best to research (Wikipedia is your friend) I still had a hard time catching on. I guess the most hard part understanding was exactly WHO some of the characters were, I mean I'm familiar with them a little.. I know about guys like Superman and Iron man (and to be frank, who doesn't?) but when it came down to characters like The Vision or who the hell was dressed up as Green Lantern I got lost.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Silver and Weed

No, this post is not about how you can earn quick cash on illegal substances.

Recently, or well not that long ago I finished watching all of Silver Fang (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin) and its follow-up Weed (Ginga Densetsu Weed) and I gotta say both was pretty entertaining:

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, or Silver Fang:

The Original Series evolves around a Akita Pup named Gin or Silver depending on what part of the world you're from. (I'll just stick to Silver from now on). The mountains of Ohu is under siege by the monstrous bear Akakabuto which has grown to an extreme size due to it not sleeping through the winter because it was shot in a nerve near it's brain.

Silver is the son and grandson of to great bearhunting dogs who both risked their life and died while facing Akakabuto on a one on one. Silver joins forces with the boy Daisuke but later leaves him to join an army of dogs who's seeking strong males to fight off Akakabuto and take back Ohu and the Twin mountain pass. This brings Silver in the company of strong dogs like the Great Dane mix Ben and the fighting dog Benisakura.

It's an old anime and it shows, the pictures isnt as clean as you see in most anime these days and sometimes in the dubbed version you can still hear remnants of the Japanese voice actors which actually gives the series a nostalgic charm. The Anime was never on TV outside of Japan so chances are you haven't heard of it if you didn't have it on VHS.. luckily it's rereleased on DVD so get going and buy it!

Ginga Densetsu Weed, or Weed the Son of Silver!:

Weed is the son of Silver! in this anime everything has been updated, even the artwork!

The story takes place 14 years after the fall of Akakabuto, The Twin Pass of Ohu is under attack by a monster dog and Smith is send off to take the pregnant bitch Sakura to safety who bears the child of Silver who is now the boss of it all!

6 months later Sakura is dying and her son Weed is desperately trying to save her by getting her tasty stuff to eat, he meets up with the english setter G.B. who names him and Smith, after saying their farewells to Sakura who sadly dies, Smith and G.B. takes Weed to meet up with his father at the dogs paradise in Ohu, but they run into many trouble on the way.

This Anime takes a sudden turn from the classic Silver Fang setup to something a little more chaotic, also it's pretty obvious to the audience that this isn't made by the same crew that made the original series. Nonetheless it's entertaining as a stand alone anime and shouldnt be seen with the old series in mind or else you'll get a little disappointed through most of the series as Silver nearly isnt in it.

All in all, it's two very interesting series that, if you haven't already you should definitely check out.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Messiah Complex

Hoo Boy..

Denmark has started publicing The Messiah CompleX recently starting with issue 152..
Now, i'm a comic book fan but i haven't read a single issue of X-men for a long time.. actually i think the last x-men issue i read was "Ultimate X-men" back in 2004..
So let's look into it from the perspective of a "newcomer" shall we?

First things first, the Danish translation is put together by the different books the stories is compiled by, making it easier for us so we don't have to follow 4 different series at once, for those who don't know.. the messiah complex is put together by reading the original Messiah CompleX one-shot + uncanny X-men + X-factor + new X-men. which means to get the whole story you have to buy from all of them. Thank god for Kim Helt.


The book starts out with the original X-men flying through the air in the Blackbird, that's the X-men all right, you got Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Angel... but who's this? Emma Frost, appearently she's some kind of blonde Jean Grey.. so what? she stays dead now? that's good for a change..

a couple of pages further in we see Beast and The Professor using Cerebro, not bad.. classic X-men.. though on the artsy side I kind of can't get over Beast looking like a lion (I'm used to the old cartoon show)
.. we get established that because of the events of "The day of M" theres only like 2.000 mutants in the world.. but suddenly Cerebro explodes! it seems a new mutant with incredible powers has been born.. i turn the page two times aaaand.. What the fuck.. The Proffessor gets up off his chair and walks away.. granted I could have missed a plot where that became possible but i've only ever known the professor as a guy who couldnt walk because his legs were lame.. or something..

well the rest of the book is just a lot of new characters getting introduced if you're new but it guess newcomers could give this a read without getting too confused..

Still, This comic will make as much sense for you as if you read Angel: After The Fall without ever having seen the TV show.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Spawn of Mind

A beginning of writing..

I love how i can suddenly start up a homepage in a matter of minutes and then suddenly write away about anything that i want. That's probably what I enjoy most about the internet, Rules aren't there. Until now I have been using my Deviant art Journal and The News Sections of my webcomics homepage as a blog, but I guess this makes more sense as this actually IS a blog. Therefore I welcome you to Spawn of Mind, it will future anything I think of writing about just like a blog should be, no subject. I guess for first time readers I can tell you something about myself.

On the political part I'm a Social Democrat with much the same interests as the Social Folk Party of Denmark, which is where I'm from. I consider myself an atheist, even though i am per standard of my country a member of the protestantic church of Denmark, I don't really care about it that much and they pay the bills of my funeral when that time comes as long as I'm a member so I'm just gonna keep it that way for now.

I'm the head of Flaming Monkey Productions, which is a small film and animation/comic publication company which (at the time of me writing this) is still at a pretty early stage. I also do the writing for Mystical Chronicle which is a webcomic, I'm the artist/writer on
The Adventures of Bobby Macdog, and I'm the creator of the fictional universe Geminiterra as well as a co-founder of various online RPG's. As mentioned before I also have a Deviantart account.