Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beginners Guide: Team Fortress 2

I've been playing Team Fortress 2 for quite some time now, considering myself a pretty decent player. However, some newer players make choices in the game that to me just defies logic. Therefore I provide you with this short list op tricks I've picked up for new players:

In General:

  • Before choosing a class, please consider the setup on your team. If your team already has 3 Heavy, pick a Medic or at least another class.
  • Don't let dying dishearten you, thankfully dying doesn't play quite as big a role in this game as in most others
  • If you get an item drop, please wait to check it out or equip it till after the round is over. You're needed in the game.
  • If you get a losing streak, don't take it out on your team mates OR your adversaries. Just carry on carrying on.
  • Changing class rapidly helps no one, try to keep it to a minimum
  • If you and your friends are on an English server but NOT native or at least adequate English speakers please consider not using voice chat and maybe using Skype instead, communication is awesome but listening to a language you don't understand can just be confusing and distracting. 
  • If you ARE adequate at English or a native English speaker and discover someone not following the above rule, please hesitate to be in their faces about it. Be polite. Always be polite. Remember, you can just mute them if you're not using the voice chat anyway.

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