Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comic spotlight - Universe F

This is where i promote some awesome up and coming Webcomics to help out my fellow authors =)

Title: Dragonball Z Doujin - Universe F (By deadlychestnut)
EDIT: To those that don't know, Doujin is japaneese for Fanfiction

It's a fanfiction of the DBZ series by Akira Toriyama, it takes place in an alternate universe where Planet Vegeta never was destroyed by Freeza, and the saiyans actually joined the empire of the Cold family. (i think) Right now there's only 15-16 pages so if you don't want to read a massive archive before getting up to speed nows a good time to begin reading.

The art in this one is excellent, She's been able to more or less acurately portray the artstyle of the original series, and theres one of the characters that's a fun little nod to one of Akira Toryama's other series: Neko Majin Z

Bottom Line, Go check it out. You can get there by clicking the title of this post. =)

- Later Days.

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