Monday, December 19, 2011

SOPA and Protect IP

For some time now, there has been two bills set up for due process in the American gouverment system. Alot of you have probably already heard of these two and those of you whom are actually based in America have probably written your senators with your two cents.

So what's it to me? I'm a Dane.

It has everything to do with both me, and any other person based outside the U.S. as much as it has to with the Americans themselves. SOPA, the biggest threat to the internet we have faced thus far can basically take down all your favorite sites because they *might* contain copyrighted content or links to it. This is a direct censorship attack on sites like Facebook, That Guy With The Glasses, Youtube, Google, Screwattack, Overclocked Remix.. Basically, they can even take down webcomics because they might contain depictions of copyrighted characters. Consider popular series like Penny Arcade, 8-bit Theatre and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

To me, the internet isn't something you can actually gouvern. It is far too vast. In actuality, you can call The Internet the first man-made natural thought. It is literal no-mans land. The voting on the fate of these bills will take place this Wednesday, december 21st. If I have anyone in my audience who're based in America and still haven't contacted their senators - please do so. It is good old fashioned showdown, and the stake is Free Speech.

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