Sunday, November 27, 2011

Annoying plotholes

It is no secret that I absolutely love most things with a narrative. That said, I thought it might kill some time to list 5 annoying plotholes that I've personally noticed. Hopefully, at least one of these should be painfully familiar to you. Do note though, that this will contain SPOILERS in order to explain my points. Here we go:

5. Joker Disguises.
In "The Dark Knight" The Joker uses a disguise at least twice in order to reach his goals. Once as a redheaded nurse and once as a police officer. So what's so strange about that? It's disguises! Here the deal: The Jokers face ISN'T exactly a mystery to the general public. He quite literally appeared on main stream television and did a close-up of himself (Albeit with a cheap handheld camera). On top of that, even if we allow it to be hard to recognize him through the face paint, he has huge scars on each side of his mouth. You're telling me that no one noticed the police officer with a scarred smiley face, or the redheaded nurse wearing clown make-up? No deal.

4. Super Bulimia Man?
Another DC Superhero movie. In Superman Returns, good old Kal'el has been away from Earth for several years. Let's stop right there. While the movie might be 'meh' at best (it kinda requires you to actually like Superman, which alot of people sadly doesn't) the plothole actually came already at the premise which is kinda odd. Apparently, Superman also had a Super Eating Disorder as he spent his time at the ruined remains of his homeplanet of Krypton without food. Either Supes found a still-running Kryptonian Diner, or he lived for 5 years straight without eating. So what possible effects can not eating have on a Kryptonian body? None apparently, apart from changing Christopher Reeves into Brandon Routh.

3. Birds.
This is one that most people have probably thought of. At the end of The Return of The King, the 3rd Lord of the Rings book - Gandalf saves Frodo and Sam from the erupting mt. Doom by sending giant falcons to save them. So, why exactly didn't Gandalf just bring the birdies with him when he went to the council meeting at the elven kingdom? Well you might say, Gandalf obviously has an adventurous spirit and wants Frodo to make a difference to the world! I'm gonna stop you there, Gandalf already experienced the 'thrill' of making a Hobbit an international hero ONCE, in the form of Bilbo. Here's my theory of what the reasoning behind that ending was: A feeling of dread in the head of Tolkien when he realised he had written himself into a corner.

2. Coldblooded Dorothy
The Wicked Witch of The East from The Wizard of Oz was a mean old wench, She ruled the entire Eastern region of Oz with an iron fist and made the munchkins collect food for her. That said, Dorothy drops an entire house on her head, killing her, steals her shoes and leaves the premises as fast as possible. Sure, I'm making Dorothy sound alot meaner than she's portrayed, but let's be honest. Dorothy never really gives any thought to the fact that she's actually taken a life throughout the entirety of the rest of the series. On top of that, not only did she crush a woman with a house. She later goes on to MELT another woman, equivalent of pouring acid on her, while she cheers on as the woman screams in agony: "I'm Melting! I'm Melting! what world, what a woooorld...." That's just coldblooded murder. Psychopatic female.

1. Whatever happened to that Priest guy?
I love me some zombies from time to time. They're an easy fictional enemy and they're most definetly creepy. George A. Romero's Night of The Living Dead is an awesome movie, and I personally consider it part of the classic horror movie line-up (which mostly includes the classic Universal monster flicks). That said, at the end of 'Night' a Priest character is introduced. This guy has been bitten by the zombies, but for some reason he doesn't turn. He ends up having a dog following him around for protection. Not for the protection of him, but for others should he ever turn. Romero went on to make Dawn of The Dead, Day of The Dead, Land of The Dead and Diary of The Dead 1 & 2 with possibly more that I don't know of. Theese movies all supposedly take place in the same universe, but the Priest is nowhere to be found in any of the sequels. So where DID he go anyway? Well, only Romero knows.

So that was my humble list. I know alot of you probably expected the death of a certain Final Fantasy character to be there. So why isn't it there? Well.. I kinda wanted to stick to movies this time, or at least things that have been turned into movies. So perhaps on another list.

- Later Days.

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  1. Well the LOTR one can be explained in a few different ways. The most obvious one is that the birds would have been taken down by the Nazgul or one of the hundreds of thousands of orcs living there. You can argue that maybe the birds would have survived the clash, but it would still be a huge risk. One wrong move and the ring drops to the ground, and into the possession of Sauron.

    Come to think of it though, giving the ring to a hobbit to treck to the top of mount doom was equally risky.

    Maybe he just likes thrills.