Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Whovians Plight

I've not mentioned this on the blog, but I'm actually pretty big on Doctor Who.
It started a year or so ago when I caught the first couple of episodes with Matt Smith, The eleventh doctor. Always having been kinda cautious with this show, because of it's huge history, I was surprised by how easy it was to get reeled in and follow The Doctor on his adventures with Amy Pond and Rory Williams. I've since gotten the Danish version of Netflix, and caught up on at least the modern interpretation of The Doctor, from Christopher Ecclestons single season, to the amazing adventures of David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor (and probably my current favorite). That's all fine and dandy, but why then is this article called "A Whovians Plight?". Well. What about the other eight doctors?

There's eleven doctors thus far, in order from the top left they are: William Hartnell, Patrick Throughton, Jon Petwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston in the leatherjacket, David Tennant with the trenchcoat and Matt Smith with the butterfly in the front.

 Problem is, episodes have been lost. Doctor Who was first created in a time where BBC was reusing filmrolls for other projects once the episodes had been screened, meaning that a Doctor Who episode may have been reused for say, an episode of BBC news or even Monty Python.

While I'm prepared to sacrifice a lot for The Pythons (I'm also very big on Monty Python) I really can't shake the sadness. I'll never be able to feel I'm fully following Doctor Who till I've seen the eight originals do their thing. And American netflix? Hasn't even gotten the episodes in the right order, let alone a lot of even the non-lost old episodes. DVD boxsets would be wonderful, but thus far I've had no such luck.

I guess I'm now going to join a long list of people who unfortunately got to the party far too late. Oh well Doctor, at least we'll always have fishfingers and custard.

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  1. It really is a shame, with the lost episodes!
    I would recommend watching the old episodes, they are really great, and I've only just started, haha!