Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year lookback

Picture taken by me, that's Miki in the foreground there
A new year has begun, and so we look back at a year full of major changes.
At least for my part. Let's see, what happened? Well I moved out of my parents house in November, not having been away from home for longer periods of time since my boarding school days. Has it been hard adjusting to? Well, not really. Maybe economically. I've never been good at keeping tabs on how much money I spend, but in this new financial situation with a student loan and a kitten to take care of. Things are good, I'm not complaining. My roomie (Miki) and I decided to each put a fixed amount in a pot, which is the money we then use for day-to-day shopping needs, y'know, food and toiletpaper. We haven't had problems with getting to eat yet. In fact, we had a pretty awesome housewarming get together.

The little rascal Kaiser himself
I already mentioned that I got a kitten in my former post. He's growing, but I'm having trouble raising him. It's not really a major problem or anything but I think I naively thought it would go more smoothly. He's a little rascal, but sweet when you let him be. I got devastated when my former cat died, I could pick her up and cuddle her whenever I wanted but Kaiser needs more space and I gotta get used to that. Cats, just like people, are different.

What else happened this year? Oh. right.

The car accident. I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore. I feel like I'm talking about it constantly, which I hate because I don't want to make people feel like I'm looking for a pity party. I'm really not. Some things just really take you by surprise and it's natural that it would take some time for it to wear off. But I'm joking about it now, so I guess I'm good. All I got out of it is a slight pain in my left foot every tenth-something-odd day and a small scar on my left hand. You can say what you want about it, at least my dyscalculous self knows left from right now.

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