Monday, June 24, 2013

Offspring Fling!

The game really isn't as creepy as the title may sound.
Sometimes it's nice to just sit down and relax with a nice puzzle platformer. This is exactly that. Lately I've not been one for big games but more something I can play for a bit and then quickly stuff away when I've had my fill. This game fills that purpose quite nicely. In Offspring Fling! you play some sort of bunny.. thing. You purpose is to get all of your offspring to the door in the level by flinging them through various obstacles, activating buttons and whatnot. There really isn't anything else to it. The artstyle is cute and fuzzy and the puzzles are just hard enough to keep you interested throughout.

I've had this game for some time now but I've not really played it before recently. Reason is that I got it in a Humble Indie Bundle and then just kind of forgot about it. Call it a pleasant surprise if you will. I even only booted the game when I did because I heard the game had become part of Steams Trading Card system. In hindsight, I'm kind of ashamed I didn't try this out sooner because it actually is pretty good. It reminds me of Braid, another puzzle platformer I just kind of bought and forgot about originally.
While certainly a good game art and game-play-vise,
the story for Braid was just kind of pretentious and confusing

This game is nothing like Braid though, it knows exactly what it is and it doesn't try to tack on some kind of artsy fart-sy drama on top of it that no one but the creator actually understands. The artstyle is cute, the music is cheery and simple, and the story is the most wayforward ever: Your family is attacked by a dinosaur, so your offspring scatters. Go collect them!

So why I am I talking about this game at all? Escapism mostly. There's some issues with my school-transfer endangering my entire livelihood (In my country, students are granted a monthly payment from the state). I'm expecting to have my grades put into the national exam database today so I can send out applications to the next stage of my education but I fear there may be some technical difficulties for various personal reasons. On top of that, my father has finally gotten told by his doctor that his liver is giving in after years of light-alcoholism so my life is kind of stressful. This makes me write as escapism, mostly reviews for Kaiser Critics

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

Later days.

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