Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Messiah Complex

Hoo Boy..

Denmark has started publicing The Messiah CompleX recently starting with issue 152..
Now, i'm a comic book fan but i haven't read a single issue of X-men for a long time.. actually i think the last x-men issue i read was "Ultimate X-men" back in 2004..
So let's look into it from the perspective of a "newcomer" shall we?

First things first, the Danish translation is put together by the different books the stories is compiled by, making it easier for us so we don't have to follow 4 different series at once, for those who don't know.. the messiah complex is put together by reading the original Messiah CompleX one-shot + uncanny X-men + X-factor + new X-men. which means to get the whole story you have to buy from all of them. Thank god for Kim Helt.


The book starts out with the original X-men flying through the air in the Blackbird, that's the X-men all right, you got Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Angel... but who's this? Emma Frost, appearently she's some kind of blonde Jean Grey.. so what? she stays dead now? that's good for a change..

a couple of pages further in we see Beast and The Professor using Cerebro, not bad.. classic X-men.. though on the artsy side I kind of can't get over Beast looking like a lion (I'm used to the old cartoon show)
.. we get established that because of the events of "The day of M" theres only like 2.000 mutants in the world.. but suddenly Cerebro explodes! it seems a new mutant with incredible powers has been born.. i turn the page two times aaaand.. What the fuck.. The Proffessor gets up off his chair and walks away.. granted I could have missed a plot where that became possible but i've only ever known the professor as a guy who couldnt walk because his legs were lame.. or something..

well the rest of the book is just a lot of new characters getting introduced if you're new but it guess newcomers could give this a read without getting too confused..

Still, This comic will make as much sense for you as if you read Angel: After The Fall without ever having seen the TV show.

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