Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Spawn of Mind

A beginning of writing..

I love how i can suddenly start up a homepage in a matter of minutes and then suddenly write away about anything that i want. That's probably what I enjoy most about the internet, Rules aren't there. Until now I have been using my Deviant art Journal and The News Sections of my webcomics homepage as a blog, but I guess this makes more sense as this actually IS a blog. Therefore I welcome you to Spawn of Mind, it will future anything I think of writing about just like a blog should be, no subject. I guess for first time readers I can tell you something about myself.

On the political part I'm a Social Democrat with much the same interests as the Social Folk Party of Denmark, which is where I'm from. I consider myself an atheist, even though i am per standard of my country a member of the protestantic church of Denmark, I don't really care about it that much and they pay the bills of my funeral when that time comes as long as I'm a member so I'm just gonna keep it that way for now.

I'm the head of Flaming Monkey Productions, which is a small film and animation/comic publication company which (at the time of me writing this) is still at a pretty early stage. I also do the writing for Mystical Chronicle which is a webcomic, I'm the artist/writer on
The Adventures of Bobby Macdog, and I'm the creator of the fictional universe Geminiterra as well as a co-founder of various online RPG's. As mentioned before I also have a Deviantart account.

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