Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Star Wars, The New Trilogy

Star Wars, one of the greatest titles to hit the silver screen and one of the most parodied series ever. When i grew up, i wasnt as much into movies (and in particular Star Wars) as i am now. i think i saw the Star Wars movies whenever they were on TV and I didnt really care too much for the plot (because i didnt read subtitles all that well yet) i just remember liking the action sequences and the two robots.

Then, when i was about 9 years old Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace hit the theatres and I watched it along with my brother, what i saw was literally.. confusing. who were all these characters? I remember asking my brother if the kid was Luke and he just sighed at me and shaked his head in despair.

Before Episode 2 got out, i had a chance to watch the original three.. now in a state where i understood what in the world was going on in this universe.. rewatching the episode 1 after that just made me mad at George Lucas. Why did we need episode 1, 2 and 3? it didnt make sense to me.

i then watched episode 2, i thought it was even worse than episode one.. it felt like "HEY! isnt it called Star WARS?! Where the hell is the WAR at?!" of course there were battles but it just didnt cut it for me, i wanted a war like in the originals, not a love movie.

Episode 3 had redeeming features, more action, better story (still bad dialogue though) but the movie still felt unnessescary to me, why did we need to know how Anarkin became Darh? it was all explained in the original 3!

Suddenly, Darth Vader wasnt a bad ass.. he was an EMO..

it makes me wonder.. what will feauture generations think of Star Wars? Will it still be great to them? PLEASE.. if you readers have the power to do it, make your kids watch the original 3 first.. or else i think it will be runied to them..

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