Monday, February 23, 2009


in the 50's and 60's the world was going nuts over the giant monster movies, monsters like Godzilla and King Kong had gained a cult following and it is therefore no surprise that the danish company Saga Studios attempted to jump on the bandwagon, the result is one of the most underrated movies in Danish film history.

The movie starts out in Lapland where a couple of miners led by a guy named Svend is drilling, suddenly they get blood and flesh on the drill and decides to send a sample to the Aquarium of Denmark.

The Professors there, concludes that it is the remains of a unknown species of Dinosaur, and after an error with keeping the specimen (being a tail) cold, it start to regenerate, turning out to become a fullfledged undestroyable dinosaur with wings!

Reptillicus (as it is named) starts flying around, first destroying Hamburg and Stockholm before attacking Copenhagen where it is defeated with a poisonus supergrenade shot into it's mouth.

The movie ends with a blown-off foot lying on the bottom of Øresund, which could regenerate to a new monster..

unfortunately, Danes are weird creatures who cant love something for the sake of the camp value, and Reptilicus remains the only one of it's genre to ever be made in Denmark.

I really like this movie, even though the effects are bad it could be made great, when my company gets bigger, i'm definately going to do a remake.

ONE MORE THING: This Blog has somehow turned into a place where i talk about lesser known popculture phenonemons and such. I think i'll just keep it that way.

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