Saturday, August 1, 2009

Possible Failure get's it's own site!

No Silver Fang ruined news this time around i'm afraid, The voice actor who does Grandpa Gohei is at Wacken, The worlds biggest Metal festival.

But there IS news, otherwise i wouldnt have posted. Possible Failure, my first Graphic Novel ever is going to start updating again. For the occasion i made This Smackjeeves site for it.

Once the old pages drawn back in 2008 runs out, there will start coming new pages. And don't worry i've already set the timer for it to update on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule all the way into October.

Possible Failure is the story of the odd team-up of a confessed christian and a convicted mass-murderer. when the massmurderer Greg Papowski is about to get sentenced to death, Joe Donstein breaks into the trial and offers something weird.

Be sure to follow when the hilarity hopefully ensues ^^

That's all for now, be seeing ya.

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