Thursday, July 29, 2010

League of Legends

Most people that knows ANYTHING about the fanmade maps on good ol' Warcraft III has heard about Dawn Of The Ancients aka. DotA - Allstars. The makers has since formed Riot Games and made the Freeware Title "League of Legends".

League of Legends is Basically DotA.. is what I say when I present it to people, You have a number of lanes and you and your teammates has to go down these lanes destroying the enemy's towers and eventually their base and meanwhile defending your own.

Theese are the new features that's NOT in DotA according to the LOL homepage
  • Automated matchmaking, to make finding a good game easy
  • The ability to reconnect to games if you have disconnected
  • Completely new and original playable champions
  • Client-server network model with no host advantage
  • Advanced stat tracking
  • Built-in surrender functionality
  • In-game interface and controls designed for this style of play
  • Account-level progression, adding out-of-game strategic depth and customization, known as the summoner system
  • Regular updates with many more features to come!
  • An improved mini-map that shows your champion's pathing
  • Multiple maps, (Summoner's Rift, Summoner's Rift: Winter, Twisted Treeline, The Proving Grounds)
  • Features that make teaching the game to your friends easier, (game tutorial, bots, suggested items)
So come join me in playing this awesome game! That's pretty much all I'm doing these days anyway :b That and working on something exciting~~

my username is Monotar and I'm on the European version. Which both Americans and Europeans can download HERE

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