Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That Does it!

I'm NOT going to watch Inception now, You wanna know why? Because of Chris Nolan! Fuck that guy!

According to Moviebob's newest article over at escapistmagazine.com Christopher Nolan who has been put in charge of Warner Bros. DC movie licenses has VETO'ed the idea of the Batman movies and Zack Snyders upcoming Superman piece taking place in the same universe.

You wanna know why? I'll tell you why. Because that guy is a HACK. There, I said it, I called one of the best directors of modern movie making a hack. Why did I call him a hack? Because he's got it into his little head that Batman needs to be "realistic". An Idea I've HATED since The Dark Knight (and still do, thank you). Thanks to this guy, We can kiss the dream of a Justice League movie goodbye. But don't forget, Chris Nolan already killed the Justice League ONCE. When the pitch for a Justice League TV-series was killed off because it had Ras-al-ghul's daughter as the main villain, hinting a link to his precious movies.

So this whining little prick can go to hell! Stay the fuck away from my superheroes!

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