Friday, July 8, 2011

In defense of The Boy Wonder

Like any other fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum, I look forward to it's sequel. I haven't really had any complaints about the news about this game until I saw.. This:

Okay granted, That is a VERY cool looking costume and it uses Robins Colors without making them too bright. the staff and hood DOES make him look like a misplaced elemental mage though. That being said, did we forget the purpose of this character?

Batman is one of, if not the most popular superhero character, an excellent line of movies both new and old (with a few exceptions of course) has made Batman stand out in public consciousness perhaps more than anyone else that wears a cape and beats up criminals.

In case anyone forgot, Batman isn't exactly the most witty character around. He's a brooding no-nonsense John Wayne of the night. His parents was shot in front of him, and in return he decided to learn everything he could about the criminal underworld, in order to combat it. A few months later, Robin came along. Robin was a kid, always firing off one-liners and wearing a bright colorful costume. Just as intelligent as his mentor and an accomplished acrobat, Robin became the arche-typal sidekick in the business. Robin was created so that children wouldn't fantasize about being Batman - But rather working beside him. Mostly to make sure they wouldn't start climbing buildings and wearing masks. Understandable.

Robin also had another effect on the Bat, he became happier. Sure he was still dark and brooding and hateful, but Robin was a bright spot in his life. I honestly think that the Robin character completed Batman. Made him something more than a one-dimensional avenger.

Of course, a lot of people doesn't realise this. In the modern world-view, Robin makes Batman look "gay". Mostly because of the internet, and the 1960's TV-series. Oh, and Robin wearing shorts. That could help. But really, aren't you just making Robin ping on your Gay-dar because you kinda WANT them to be gay? You want something to make fun of, plus you kinda wanna fit into the general consensus. After all, if you don't think someone is gay, you MUST be gay. Or well, that could just be me raging at the stupidity of the modern Batman fan. Seriously though, sometimes Batman fans like with any other fanbase can be a bunch of sheep. I've already written in great length elsewhere about my hatred of the Heath Ledger Joker, so I won't go into it here.

In any case, Robin is Batmans happiness. To some extent of course, but I think most people get what I mean by that statement. Of course Batman stories has to be somewhat dark, dark is cool.
But Robin doesn't really need to look like fellow-Teen Titan Raven. Otherwise we could just make Raven Batman's new sidekick.


Let's Not.

(Proof read creds to Sophie & Eric. Sadly, I don't have any links to any stuff they've done)


  1. Yea, I'm rather put off by the "re-imagining" of Robin they've done here. It's too much like the 90's when comics just went out of their way to be DARK & EDGY to somehow prove they were "mature."

    Robins served as a counterbalance to Batman's no-nonsense brooding. The bright colours, actually had the same purpose as Batman's yellow emblem: to stand out. Robin was, essentially, the bait for their opponents. His height/age and the bright costume served as an easy mark that let Batman creep out of the shadow even more effectively. (And let's not forget, Dick used the colours in honour of his fallen parents.)

    Also, this is Tim Drake. He isn't a fighter. His strengths lied in being the brainier of the Robins. If they were so dead-set on using the cage-fighter idea, they should've just gone and used Jason - I'd say Damian, but that'd be a bit too much extra story for non-comic fans to have to deal with in the game.

  2. I agree, Damian would have been a little too much to take in. Then again - they DID use The Oracle in Arkham Asylum

  3. Meh...I'm on the fence. I didn't care for the Animated Series Dick Greyson (Who btw NEVER matched Batman on Intellect NOR did Jason Todd) or the Comic Book ver of Dick. He was a Human/Non-Super powered ver of Flash from the JLA. Flash was the witty, one liners, and jokes, and was FUCKING annoying.

    Now...Tim Drake on the other hand. Matched and HELPED Batman solve crimes. He wasn't AS good as a fighter, but he matched wits, and solved things quicker and thats what Batman wanted. a Teammate that wouldn't just RUSH into things like Superman, Jason, Dick, and others. He wanted some one just as intelligent as him.

    I have a feeling nobody in any forum posts/news posts has even kept up with Tim Drake, or you would know...kick has been through just as much as Dick and has kept his head about it alot better.

    Tim lost Superboy (Best Friend), his girlfriend, his parents, and just recently Lost his effin Mentor/Bruce. Whiel everyone else was Just saying "Forget about it, Superman said he was dead"...Guess who said "'re wrong..." and went against the storm because his sense/gut instinct told him Batman is some where alive?

    Yeaaaaa...Tim Drake needs a dark brooding look to match his upcoming, as even Bruce has said it, and it makes sense, Tim is the TRUE next Batman, even though he doesn't want the responsibility yet.

  4. Drake* has been through just as much as Dick. Sorry for the typos. :P Writing this stuff on my break at work.

    I have NO Profile's to choose from as My AIm hasn't been using in a long time. I'm the ANON above, Mike Meade. :)Followed: Hans H. Kjølsen

    To be honest, I like the fact you all hit the nail on the head: Robin was supposed to be the Light in Batman's Darkness because even his Women folk were just as bad as his enemies (Heck, half of them where his enemies! lol), he was supposed to be a comrade,a friend, some one who he can trust because...he was losing trust in everyone but Alfred, but Alfred couldn't always help him in a Jam (Save him when he got overwhelmed).

    Robin was supposed to be that help in the midst of a fight/possible Take over the Mantle OR some one Batman could trust to keep Gotham Safe while he was off fighting with JLA.<----That was his TRUE purpose in my eyes since Jason Todd died, and Dick Greyson became Nightwing.