Monday, July 4, 2011

Top 10 Insane Characters

Insanity is a lovely character trait, and while it's mostly used for villains it just makes alot of fictional characters a lot more entertaining. It's almost always more interesting to follow a character where you're not always sure what the person is going to do in any given situation.


10 - Stinky Pete The Prospector From Toy Story 2.

Toys are meant to be played with, and this becomes no more apparent than with the villain of Toy Story 2. Secluded ever since fabrication, Stinky Pete has watched all the other copies of his type of toy being taken home by kids and parents and being loved and cared for. This has made him Mean spirited and dark. He actually ends up deciding that children are mean to toys, and even destroy them and that th
ey will be better off being admired in a museum for years to come. His character arc is one of the coolest in the otherwise pretty happy-go-lucky movie, perhaps foreshadowing the pretty dark themes that the Toy Story movies would end up tackling in the final movie.

09 - The Black Knight From Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
Monty Python characters are already insane enough, hell the writers are probably a little insane as well. Then you have The Black Knight, he protects a certain path somewhere in medieval England for whatever reason. Then King Arthur shows up and they do glorious battle for all of.. 2 seconds. The Black Knight takes persistency to a whole new level. He loses an arm, calling it merely a fleshwound. This he does 4 times until he's nothing but a torso and a head. And even then he tries to keep fighting, this guy just doesn't know when to stop. Most Monty Python characters may be relatively insane, but when you're being called a looney by one of them, you might want to do some self-reflection.

08 - Wile E. Coyote from The classic Looney Tunes cartoons.

One of the most Stubborn characters in fiction, Wile E. Coyote is a Super genius living in the desert. Starting off as mere hunger, Wile E.'s hunt for the Roadrunner has become an insane addiction. He constantly comes up with increasingly convoluted and complicated schemes that always fails in the end. He clearly has access to post-order services and in one case even The Internet so one has to wonder.. Why doesn't he just order a pizza? Well because he's endured tons of amounts of pain just to catch the damn bird and he'd be damned if he ever stops trying.

07 - Scrooge Mcduck From Disney's Comic Book universe.
To those of you only familiar with the cartoon version of Scrooge, You're in for a treat! Scrooge's Gol fever in the comics are exagerrated to an extreme degree. If he looses money in a deal, he's able to cry so loud that it can be heard in the far reaches of space.
In one case, it even causes him to Flood The City of Duckburg With His Tears. That's alot of crying. Being an avid treasure hunter, Scrooge's Goldfever allows him to smell Gold already when he lands in the airport. It can cause him to run on water, lift giant rocks, and gain nightsight. When he's not out in the world making more money, he even bathes in them. He rarely eats more than three beans and a piece of bread with a glass of water, just to save money. If something becomes wrong with his money bin (such as having cracks due to over-filling) He's known to become seriously ill. He may be somewhat stable, not having been on a killing spree yet (at least not that we know of) but this is a serious case of obesession.

06 - Edward Wong Hau Pepulu Tivruskii The 4th from Cowboy Bebop.
Edward is a girl, though she may look like a boy. Edward is also a hacking prodigy from Earth in the year 2071. Edward also likes to talk about herself in the 3rd person. Edward is a very strange person, straying from place to place like a cat and always being pretty careless. She almost never walks normally, always running or climbing or prefferably
walking on her hands. She also named herself, as her father is always moving from place to place she decided her real name was boring. Her real name is Francoise Appledelhi, a boy's name because her father is too clueless to understand that he has a daughter, and not a son. Ed get's best along with other kids, but in particular a super intelligent corki puppy named Ein. For same strange reason they're able to have at least some kind of communication. Edward also never refers normally to people, with lines like "Father person, this is Spike Person and Jet Person". Though she may not be dangerous like some of the others on this list, she's definetly insane.

05 - Johnny from Ed Edd N' Eddy.

Johnny has a vivid imagination to put it softly. He talks to a board named plank, with a drawn face on it and it's able to throw him into fits of all-destroying rage. Being alienated by the rest of the kids in the cul-de-sac really doesn't help, making him create Melonhead the superhero persona. His faith in Planks reality is so believable to others that it's actually able to do physical harm to people without Johnny's presence. This kid needs a therapist, and soon.

04 - The Joker from the Batman comics.
The Joker is one of those classic insane villain that everyone knows. He's been subjected to something horrible at some point in his life, having permanent bleached white skin and freaky smile. He's come to enjoy he's super-villain persona too much and is now beyond the help of any psychologist. So he does what he loves, fighting his arch-enemy the Batman and making Gotham city into his private playground. His insanity has come to the point, that he can't remember his own past. Therefore he always tells us a new story, which makes him all the more creepy. Afterall, there's nothing more scary than the unknown.

03 - Tyler Durden from Fight Club.
Insomnia is dangerous, just ask this guy. After having problems sleeping he goes on a plane and meets Tyler Durden. Durden is a soap salesman, and has a very different lifestyle. Our main characters goes to live with Tyler Durden after a fistfight between the two gave him a rush. They start a Fight Club, and little by little it evolves into a cult. Tyler Durden decides he want to blow up all credit card firms in America, causing the destruction of debt. This of course turns to true insanity when it turns out Tyler Durden never was a real person, and our main character has been fighting against himself all this time. This is skitzofrenia on a whole other level, and the only way to defeat oneself is to shoot youself in the head. Which oddly Works.

02 - Johnny "'Nny" C. from Johnny The Homicidial Maniac.
Johnny lives in a random American suburb, in a house that already had all sorts of torture devices when he moved it. He goes around killing anyone that annoys him (which in reality, constitues EVERYONE) and pours their blood on a certain backwall in his house. He's convinced that if he ever stops feeding the wall with blood, something even worse will come out. So he keeps on killing, and he isn't picky. He's kept company by three "creatures". One is Nailbunny, a floating dead rabbit with a nail through it's head, representing his inner child. Then there's two Doughboy statuettes named Mr. Eff and D-Boy. One of them claims to be working for the entity behind the wall, the otherclaims to be working against it. He's also known to go off on existential rants about modern society, actually making kind of a understandable point sometimes (I'm NOT crazy). But really, he's a serial killer with voices in his head. What more do you want?

01 - Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Shinji is troubled kid, so troubled that his puberty makes him think he's fighting aliens in giant robots. His relationship with women is convoluted, to the point of him giving his masturbation dream a persona named Rei (Yes, That really is what she's supposed to symbolise) while most of the episodes is just a Giant Robot anime, later on there comes whole episodes where we get a nice trip through the poor guys psyche.. And it isn't pretty. The two ending episodes were so confusing to most people that they made an alternate one i movie form, depicting what happened in the Giant robot world while all the stuff was going on inside Shinji's head. His mother and daddy issues is pretty.. entangled. Let's leave it at that.


So that was my Top 10 for the most insane characters. Of course there are probably even more insane characters out there, but I tried not to make the list too samey (otherwise, Rorshach, Green Goblin and most of the Rogues Gallery of Batman would have made the list as well).

I hope you enjoyed my list, and will comment on what you think, perhaps mention some characters I haven't thought of?


  1. And WHERE'S the mad hatter?

  2. King Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones needs to be listed!

    1. Well, when I wrote this list Game of Thrones were just started and I hadn't heard about it - I only want to write about things I know about myself