Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So I finally got to Outland, In World of Warcraft. Now, you're going to think "Oh, you made a new character?" or "hey, you joined late?" No. This is on a character I've had since the original game. I'm going to let you call me a noob all you want but fact is, that up until now this game has felt like a CHORE. I mean it, a fucking job and I don't do work.... For free.. And I'm certainly not paying to do it! If you're interested in looking me up on Armory I play Znorkjin on the EU Moonglade server (coincidentally I also play League of Legends on the EU servers, Monotar)

I also tried out Starcraft II! God this is AWESOME! The campaign is all cool and lean like an episode of Cowboy Bebop and the custom maps are freaking awesome, If you have the opportunity I URGE you to try out StarJeweled or Zerghunter!

I really came into the whole Starcraft gig late, since I never played the original one.. Why didn't anyone tell me about this thing? Oh yeah, they did.. except I didn't listen 'cause I was too busy going SONICSONICSONICSONICSONICSONICOMFGBBQ! XD

So yeah, Derp.

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