Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update of Update Of Update Of Update Of..

Doo-dee-doo sitting down writing a blog.. dum-dee-dee... Oh, what's this? Osama Bin Laden is dead? Well surely I must now devote all of my attention to this single occurence and forget all about that other wars that's totally unimportant right now.

Okay, so let me flaunt my European-ness for a few seconds.

I. Couldn't. Care. Less.

Surely everybody has gotten over that 'little mistake' by now. Well okay, I'll give you that Americans. You deserved to hang this bastard. Good for you. 3000 People ain't just coming back tomorrow and I guess "Just Revenge" is a pretty good thing to have crossed off the list.

That put outta the way, let's talk stuff I care about.


I had a party once, they tasted like Souls. But yeah, I held a little youth get-together to celebrate me turning 21. First succesfull Youth-party in my life-time! Go me! Woo!

Thanks for the folks that attended, That was awesome, you're awesome. And if you didn't live so damn far away I would totally have more parties like this. Only thing I regret about this party is that I didn't pop-out the camera so I could embarrass all of you by tagging you on Facebook the following Monday. Put that on my To-do list right under all the chicks I'm totally *cough*never*cough* gonna score :D

In other news, some douchebag has stolen Samuel L. Jackson's copy of the script to Joss Whedon's Avengers movie.

Thanks, asshole. Joel Schumacher is no longer the biggest douche in Superhero movie history. And can someone please explain to me why Edward Norton isn't cast as the Hulk?? He was an awesome Hulk! What the hell! Gief Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr. in same movie! Nao!

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  1. Maybe Bin Laden's death marks a sort of end to the 00's era in some grotesque way. I mean, it's been a period of almost 10 years, a whole decade devoted to new definitions for the word 'terrorist' as well as new ways to wage war.
    Now that he is dead, the U.S. might wake up to see what has become of the countries they invaded in order to find this guy.
    Just as they said that the 90's didn't start until 1992, this could mean the 10's won't really start until now or next year perhaps, when the whole 2012 doomsday thing is filling more and more people with concern, as well as disinterest and 'come on, guys'ness from different groups.

    On another note, partying can be great! And hold more parties and take pictures, it's all fun and games, mostly.

    Regarding the superhero movie business, it seems like such a big step to have so many in it. I hope it'll not turn out like the Expendables did, with too little focus on various characters, but also that it'll not be like some of the previous superhero installments, where the formula popular goes:
    1 bad guy - Excellent! 2 bad guys - We can make this work! 3 bad guys - Abandon ship!
    With so many superheroes and -villains in a single 2-and-a-half-hour movie with lots of CGI, I'd be just a tiny bit skeptic.

    These were my two cents.