Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Once in a while I like to remove the cobwebs and check in here for a bit. So what's been up?

Bunch of stuff.

I got a kitten! It's amazingly cute. I missed my old cat so much that I went and got me a new one (even did a daytrip to the other end of the country to get it). My new cat is called Kaiser. He's a smoke (that's sort of a black/greyish mix, but it's called smoke according to the vet) mixbreed. At first he was extremely tiny. He was the legal 12 weeks old, but very small of his agegroup. Well, he's caught up with it, he's gotten really really long legs. The picture I added is taken by my best friend Miki. It's from the night I got him.

Oh, about Miki. I might be moving in with him. He's my best bud and he went "I sorta kinda need a roommate" So I voluntered. Only sad thing is that his girlfriend is allergic to Kaiser, but we'll figure something out (definetly bringing kitty with me tho', I made it a condition). Let it be known tho that there is no beef between me and his girlfriend in case it sounded that way. Unless I'm invited for dinner. Then let there be beef!

But other than that, I'll keep you guys posted :)

- Later Days.

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