Friday, February 6, 2009

My idea

I like to consider myself a writer, I do a lot of different stories (none of them professional yet) but I still like to see myself as one.

recently I read Frank Millers "Return of The Dark Knight" and that inspired me to a Batman story, for those of you who don't know the story is about Bruce Wayne becoming Batman again in the age of 50 after ten years.

Anyway, i like the story, and i like "Batman of the future" (the cartoon show) and then i got an idea:

Batman: True Rebirth.

an employee of Wayne Enterprises wakes up in an alley, he has been attacked by some villains.. he notices he still has his wallet.. then he turns around and finds Batman, Dead. For whatever reason he takes off his mask and get's surprised that Bruce Wayne, his employer, is The Batman.. for the sake of his heroes reputation he takes the costume with him when he leaves the scene and calls the police.. the villains is jailed for Bruce Waynes murder and the attack of him.

some time after he decides that Batman can't die, so he sews the costume to fit him and puts it on, taking on the mantle of The Dark Knight..

but after a while, he runs into a pissed off Nightwing.

what do you think of the idea? please comment.

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