Sunday, February 22, 2009


I love anime.

I'm currently watching The Cowboy Bebop and Astro Boy cartoons.. and i gotta say.. it's funny how sci-fi anime is amongst the most classical series out there.. series like Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion and .Hack//Something or another is highly regarded as being either art or absolute classics.. it makes one wonder if the japaneese have some of their technological skill from being so interested in Sci-fi.

I've also watched Death Note 1 & 2 now.. Theese movies could teach alot of american companies just HOW to make comic books into movies.. especially considering what they're planning to do with the new Dragonball Movie. They follow the series enough to not actually just copying them and being utter redicolous because lets face it, following the source material is great, but from a financial and artistic point of view it would be just plain retarded to not try and improve without destroying the orginal stuff.

The changes between the Death Note series and movies is really not all that big and they're barely noticed (to me atleast) of course there are some characters removed, forexample the crime syndicate isnt in it at all, instead it's a journalist that gets the Death Note while Light's plan about forgetting the Note is going on.

Theres also no M or N, only L. But that actually great because M and N just felt unesscesary in the original series (in my opinion)

oh well.. that's my 2 cents..

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