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Top 5 Ridicolously Dark Pasts

Don't we all just love popculture? Well sure we do, it's entertaining as hell. But sometimes a character's background can be so dark and brooding that you just have to wonder "Just what the heck were they thinking?" And then do a Patrick Stewart facepalm to punctuate.

Now some of these pasts are actually in quality works, but they're still pretty damn silly-dark. Of course I can only use one character from each franchise or else I could just fill this up with Naruto or One Piece characters.


5. Drusilla - From Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Drusilla is one of those gleefully evil characters, being completely and totally insane. Drusilla was raised in a very religious family, and was put away in a nunnery because of her ability to be given visions of the future. Already somewhat rejected by her family, things became worse when she was discovered by a bored Angelus that was passing through her town. Angelus made her a project, raping and torturing her into insanity before finally siring her into a vampire. Drusilla has since only contained the ability to think like a child, and it's more or less a fact that there's nothing more cruel and cold than a child. Especially one that has found out that it enjoys maiming and torturing people. This coupled with the aforementioned ability to look into the future makes Drusilla one of Buffy's most insanely dangerous enemies.

4. Uchiha Sasuke - From Naruto.
Masashi Kishimoto has claimed that he thought up Sasuke to be the perfect manga rival, giving him all "the best" elements from shounen rivals out there. However one may feel about this character, theres no denying that he isn't lacking in
the dark past department. Uchiha Sasuke is from one of the noble ninjaclans of his village, their clan having a signature ability that's unique to their bloodline. It's a special type of sight that lets them predict their enemies moves, and alot of other clans and villages wants that ability for themselves. Enter Sasukes brother, Itachi. In order to protect his brother from getting killed he agrees to kill all the rest of the clan in front of him, and leave the village as a dishonored ninja. Sasuke is thus left to grow up with the dark memories of a killed off family, and a thirst for revenge that holds him back from gaining friends. This is of course what ultimately leads to him leaving the village and his team behind and becoming a villain.

3. The Bride - From Kill Bill.
Being trained into the ultimate hitwoman by her master and lover Bill, The Bride leaves the dark life behind when she discovers she's become pregnant. She hides in Texas, and plans to marry a lowly musicstore owner in order to give her child a normal life. Bill however, is not pleased and he sends her former colleagues out to her wedding reception when she's in final stages of pregnancy to kill everyone off. The group leaves a absolute bloodbath behind when they leave the church, but The Bride somehow survives, just to be put into a coma for 5 years. When she awakes she not only has an unstoppable thirst for revenge but she finds out that she has been used by the nurse responsible for her to rent out sexual favors to truckdrivers. Later on, insult is added to injury when her child turns out to be alive, raised by the very man that caused all of her suffering.

2. Superboy Prime - From The DC comics Event books.
Superboy Prime is a alternate reality Superman from Earth-Prime, The DC equivalent of OUR Earth. Other than sharing origins with his main continuity counterpart (crashlanded as a baby on Earth after his own planet was blown up due to a dying Sun) Superboy Prime actually has it worse. On his Earth, Superman and the Justice League was fictional characters, and Superboy was believed to be completely normal. That is, Until the events of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" where the passing of Halley's comet triggers his Kryptonian abilities, just in time for him to meet the main continuity Superman and witness his world be destroyed by the Anti-monitor. Initially being calmed fighting the good fight against The Anti-monitor, he later turns to anguish when the battle is over and he is left on Paradise-Earth, where he becomes more and more secluded and ultimately turns evil.

1. Nico Robin - From One Piece.
Nico Robin was raised by her mother's sister and her family. Being alienated and teased by the other kids, Robin copes by visiting the historians of the island. The island being known for the best historians in the world. She's taught to read and falls in love with the craft of archeology while she grows up. One day however, her mother shows up on the island after several years only for her and the entire group of archeologists to be publicly executed. It turns out that the group had found less than flattering historical facts about the founding of The World Goverment and they and the entire country is to be destroyed. The World Goverment executes a "Buster Call", the attack of thousands of marine ships that starts firing cannons relentlessly on the island only stopping when the entire population has been wiped out. Nico Robin however, is saved by a rebellious Marine captain and sneaked away on a raft. She then becomes one of the worlds most wanted criminals, her country having been branded as traitors by The World Goverment. She ends up being constantly on the run, using her devil fruit abilities to gain a name for herself as a fearsome pirate and then ending up in the mysterious Baraque Company due to nescessity. Ultimately however, the company is defeated and she joins forces with the Strawhat Pirates.

So that was my picks for the characters with the most ridicolously dark pasts, I hope you agree with some of my points and at the very least has found this informative. If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to throw me a comment!

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