Monday, July 11, 2011


Trivia: What does Hans do when he's bored off his ass in his summer vacation?

Answer: He makes a skull fortress in Minecraft

In all seriousness though, more games should give you the challenge of "If I make my Skull fortress out of sand with wooden teeth, will that be a reflection of ME or what I do to people that cross me?"

decisions, decisions.

The trained eye will notice I gave it eyebrows. That's how nice of a guy I am. No really.

Minecraft have become one of my new hobbies, much to my friends dismay as I apparently JUST. WON'T. SHUT. UP. ABOUT IT.

My friends love me, I'm sure :D

The thing I like about Minecraft is all the opportunities, one level I've totally flooded and another I've build tall buildings just to reach the sky. This is awesome, and it takes effort. The monsters can be a challenge and finding out what you can do with the materials you find. Making my own personal water-park has become a reality, and so has my skull fortress.

Now if only the game would provide me with 8 robotmasters and an arch nemesis...

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